Binocular Loupes allow the Vet to focus in on what they are doing, whilst keeping their hands free to operate as required.  Keeler, a trusted brand, manufacture a range of binocular Loupes, frames and their own L-LED light system to enable bright illumination to the area.  There is a choice of magnification, frame size, working distance for you to choose from.

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  • Keeler Prismatic Loupes


    Keeler Prismatic Loupes

    If you can't see it, you can't work on it! Higher magnification for advanced procedures. Keeler Prismatic loupes offer magnifications of 3.5x, 4.5x and 5.5x in 3 working distances. These loupes are higher magnification with prismatic optics, guaranteeing...

  • Keeler Loupes Sports Frame Keeler Loupes Sports Frame


    Keeler Loupes Sports Frame

    Stylish, comfortable and attractive, the new Keeler frame is available in a choice of bright colours and can be adapted to all prescriptions. All surgical and dental loupes (Keeler) are available on new frames. Keeler sport frame Lightweight protective...

  • Keeler Standard Loupes


    Keeler Standard Loupes

    Magnification allows you to do a better job as well as improving posture and reducing eye strain. Keeler Galilean loupes offer magnifications of 2.5x and 3x in up to 4 different working distances. These loupes are ideal for general dental and surgical...

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