If you are looking for a replacement bulb for your veterinarian microscope then check out our range of bulbs from Philips, Osram, Ushio, Dr Fischer and more.  Order your replacement bulb online today for competitive pricing and quick postage.

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  • Philips 7388 20W G4 6V 1CT/10X10F


    Original Philips 7388 20W G4 6V 1CT/10X10F Bulb

    Philips 7388 Microscope Suitability: American Optical 1130A.Jena Laboval 4.Nikon Alphaphot KT2, KT, Labophot, M Epi, (Old 20W)Optiphot, Measurescope MM-11 (20W Epi & Dia), Measurescope TM1, TM2 Epi, Optiphot66 Dia, SMZ10 Coaxial, SMZ10 Dia, SMZU...

  • Philips 5761 6v 30w G4


    Philips 5761 6v 30w G4 Bulb

    Philips 5761 6v 30w G4 Product / EAN code: 8711500410849 6V 30W G4 Base Halogen. Filament - TRANSVERSAL, Width 1.5mm, Height 1.5mm. Lumens 765, Colour Temp. 3200k. Average Life 100 hours. Microscope Suitability: Nikon Eclipse E400.Olympus...

  • Ushio UXR-300BF Xenon Lamp Buy you Ushio UXR-300BF Xenon Lamp on our website today Ushio UXR-300BF Xenon Lamp available online Ushio UXR-300BF Xenon ceramic lamp


    Original Ushio UXR-300BF Xenon Bulb

    Ushio UXR-300BF 300W Xenon Lamp is ideal for use in numerous medical, industrial and scientific applications.   It features a highly stable 6100K colour temperature, a compact and strong ceramic to metal seal manufactured body and new window...

  • Philips 6423 FO 15v 150w GZ6,35 EFR.


    Philips 6423 FO 15v 150w GZ6,35 EFR Bulb

    Philips 6423 FO 15v 150w GZ6,35 EFR. Other refs. Osram HLX 64634, Heine X-96.88.103, 52230, x9688103, X9688103, efr. Dental Equipment Suitability: Air Techniques Visa Cam.Bosworth Superlight.Coe Labs Coe-Lite.Healthco VCL Illuminator High Output.Kulzer...

9 of 9 Items