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NVC Dog Agelity Supplement

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A unique blend of ingredients effectively supports stiff joints while antioxidants and targeted nutrients maintain an alert mind and a healthy heart and liver.

Eases Stiff Joints - Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM combine synergistically for optimum joint health, whilst natural antioxidants such as Omega 3 support the body's anti-inflammatory processes.

Promotes Vitality - Packed with brain nutrients for cognitive support such as Ginseng and L-carnitine to promote vitality. With Hawthorn for maintenance of a healthy heart beat and multiple vitamins and minerals providing optimal senior nutrition.

Anti-Ageing - The powerful Immortality Herb promotes longevity whilst key vitamins and antioxidants are included to provide unrivalled support for the liver and immune system.

Directions for Feeding:

Ageility pellets are designed to ensure maximum palatability and can be offered as a treat or mixed in with your dog's daily feed, once a day. Maintenance levels can be adjusted to suit the individual. Please contact us if you have any feeding questions and we will be happy to discuss your dog's case with you and provide bespoke advice.

Size/Weight Loading Rate (7 days) Maintenance Rate
small/up to 10 kg 1 scoop per day ½ scoop per day
medium/11-20kg 2 scoops per day 1 scoop per day
large/21-30kg 3 scoops per day 1½ scoops per day
x large/31kg+ 4 scoops per day 2 scoops per day


Glucosamine (from crustaceans), Methyl sulphonyl methane, Lucerne (high temperature dried), Spirulina, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Ginseng (Siberian), Omicha berries, Hawthorn berries, Chondroitin sulphate, Immortality herb (19g), Linseed oil, Sunflower oil, Chlorella (dried), Artichoke leaves, Maltodextrin, Ginseng (Panax).

Additives (per kg)

Amino acids
DL-Methionine 3c301 19,600 mg

Trace Elements
Zinc 3b603 (Zinc Oxide) 4,320 mg

Vitamins & Pro-vitamins
L-Carnitine 3a910 100 mg
Vitamin B1 3a821 124 mg
Vitamin B6 3a831 12.99 mg

Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 15.0%
Crude oils and fats 9.3%
Crude ash 10.0%
Crude fibre 10.0%
Sodium 0.22%
Omega 3 2.3%

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